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Infant and Child Care


A guest who has not yet reached the age of 2 years and is not required by law to occupy a guest seat may be considered an Infant.

The acceptance and seating of infants is governed by:

  • The number of spare life vests
  • The location of the oxygen masks

Infants below 7 days old are not permitted travel (both domestic and international). However, in an exigency, wherein life saving treatment is mandatory for the infant, the mother may be permitted to fly with the new born, provided the new born is certified fit to fly, by the concerned paediatrician and is accompanied by at least a MBBS doctor.

  • An infant must be accompanied by an adult who may be a parent, guardian, relative or friend who acts as an escort.
  • The acceptance will be on a one to one basis i.e. one infant with one escort.
  • The number of life jackets on a Boeing governs the total number of infants carried on board. There are 12 infant life jackets for a Boeing.
  • In case of B737 aircraft, if there are no observers (OBS) in the cockpit, the number of infants can be increased depending on the available life vests for observers.
  • The seating is governed by the availability of oxygen masks.

Infants would preferably be given the first rows in the Boeings and should never be seated on or near the emergency exit.

  • Infants must hold valid tickets and must be checked-in and issued a boarding pass.
  • Guests with infants must never be seated on the emergency exit row.
  • Two infants cannot be on the same side of the row since there is only one extra oxygen mask for the infant per side in case of decompression.

Additional seats for infants
Effective September 5, 2012, guests traveling with infants on Jet Airways and JetKonnect can avail additional seats on the day of departure at a flat rate at the airport.

Flights Additional seat charge at airport
Domestic India INR 500
Short Haul Flights (India to SAARC/Gulf & vice versa and Kolkata - Bangkok - Kolkata) INR 2000 / USD 40
Long Haul Flights INR 4000 / USD 75

  • This facility is available on all Jet Airways and JetKonnect operated flights in Economy only.
  • Additional seat will be offered subject to availability at the airport.
  • Only the adjacent seat will be offerd as an additional seat.
  • No baggage should be placed on the additional seat due to safety reasons.
  • Infants should not be seated on the additional seat as they are permitted to be carried as lap infants only.
  • Guests holding ID / AD / ZED / JP Redemption tickets are excluded from this offer.
  • No additional benefits such as additional Free Checked / Cabin Baggage Allowances, meals or lounge will be provided for the additional seat.
  • No JPMiles will be earned on the additional seat.
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