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Travelling With Pets

Policy for Carriage of Live animals:

Pet animals may be carried on JetKonnect flights as guest baggage or shipped as cargo.

JetKonnect carries live animals on the B737 aircraft only in the hold.

Below are few points to be followed with respect to Carriage of animals:

  • Domestic flights: Domesticated dogs, cats, birds and rabbits
  • International flights : Domesticated dogs and cats only
    Note: Some countries prohibit import of certain aggressive breeds of dogs, hybrid dogs / cats or transport by air of pug-nosed dogs
  • Females with suckling young and unweaned animals not accepted.
  • Weaned puppies / kittens under 8 weeks not accepted
  • 48 hours notice required for international flights
  • Must be carried in the cargo hold, cannot be carried in the cabin. (Note: Service animals accompanying a disabled guest in the passenger cabin do not fall under this category)
  • One guest can carry a maximum of 3 containers
  • No airline liability in case of injury / death

Breeds of dogs and cats forbidden for carriage:

i. JetKonnect will not accept the following breeds of dogs and cats, including snub nosed, as these animals variably, are susceptible to increased risk of heat stroke (when exposed to stress or temperatures above 21C), breathing difficulties or increased travel stress:

All snub-nosed dog breeds and their cross-breeds, including:

  • All Boxers, Bulldogs, Mastiffs, Spaniels & Mastiffs
  • Akita
  • Brussels Griffin (Petite Brabancon)
  • Chow Chow
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brazillero & their crosses
  • Japanese Chin (Chin, Japanese Spaniel, Japanese Pug)
  • Lhasa Apso
  • Pekinese
  • Pit Bull
  • Rottweiler
  • Shar Pei
  • Shih Tzu
  • Tosa
The following cat breeds and their cross-breeds:
  • Burmese
  • Exotic
  • Himalayan
  • Persian
ii. Dogs / Cats must be a minimum of 8 weeks for Domestic or 4 months for International flights

iii. Animals must not be pregnant

Container requirements:
  • The minimum container, packaging and handling requirements as published in the IATA Live Animals Regulations must be met. These regulations prescribe the materials to be used, size, frame, etc
  • The container should be escape proof, leak proof and of the proper size
  • It should have ample ventilation
  • The container must be strong i.e. not of chewable material.
  • Each animal in the container must have enough space to tur about easily while standing, to stand and sit erect and to lie in a natural position
  • The cage must be properly secured
  • Pets are usually accepted on a one to one basis per container. However two small pets of the same species and same owner can share a container if they are between 8 weeks and not weighing over 10 kgs each, or, a mother with offspring of less than 4 months

Charging Excess Baggage:

  • The weight of the pet along with the container is taken into consideration when charging excess baggage
    Weight Concept: The weight of the pet plus container is charged for, whether within the Free Baggage Allowance or not
  • Piece Concept: The container inclusive of the pet is considered as an additional piece, irrespective of the number of pieces of baggage the guest has. Excess baggage is charged twice the normal excess baggage charges for a piece. If also overweight or oversized, additional excess baggage charges will apply

Effective July 9, 2012, Jet Airways and JetKonnect will levy a flat fee of INR 5000 per container for carriage of pets on domestic journeys within India. This fee will not apply to Service Animal accompanying a disabled guest.

International Customs and Quarantine Requirements:

  • It is the responsibility of the guest to check and comply with all local regulations at the departure airport, transfer point (if any) and destination. This includes (but is not limited to) Customs, Quarantine and Health Regulations, Quarantine stay fees / reservations, Pet Travel Schemes, e-tagging / micro-chipping, Import / Export formalities, Landing Permits, Transshipment permits, vaccinations, health inspections, Inspection fees, certificates, animal passports, tests and treatments, restrictions on the breed / number of pets that can be imported and foodstuff import/export regulations if carrying food for the animal
  • The responsibility of clearing the animal through Customs and Quarantine at the destination will lie with the guest
  • For international flights into India, pets can only be sent to the four metros of Mumbai / Delhi / Kolkata & Chennai where animal quarantine officers are present. In case of live animals to other destinations, the guest / shipper must clear Customs and Quarantine formalities at the above mentioned stations and rebook on the onward domestic leg
  • The guest must inform JetKonnect at least 48 hours in advance to enable us to inform the Animal Quarantine officer at destination. On receipt of the information, the staff at the destination must be informed of the flight details. The staff will then inform the Quarantine officer at the station
The following documents are required:
  • Health certificate from authorized agency at origin
  • Vaccination record with rabies vaccination date (some countries may exempt Rabies-free areas)
  • Other documents may be required, depending on the local regulations
  • All documents must be in English, unless otherwise specified

Please click on the relevent form to download them:

Clearance Procedure at Destination for international flights:

  • The quarantine officer will inspect the animal and verify its health. Fees may apply for some countries
  • Based on the physical condition of the animal and the health certificate, a "No objection for import" will be issued by quarantine officer
  • Based on the No Objection and other supporting documents required by the local Customs, the pet will be cleared through Customs and handed over to the guest
  • Pets that do not clear requirements may be shipped back to the country of origin, vaccinated, quarantined or destroyed

Policy for Carriage of Service animals:
A 'Service Animal' is one which assists guests with hearing or sight disabilities. The animal and its handler are usually trained extensively.

JetKonnect accepts 'Service Dogs' on its International and Domestic Services.

Conditions of Acceptance:

  • Carried on all S2-operated flights
  • Must accompany a disabled guest to qualify as a service animal
  • Can be transported in either the aircraft hold or passenger cabin, depending on the guest’s requirement and subject to safety regulations
  • Is transported free of charge
  • Prior notice is not required. However, if the guest wishes to provide this information at the time of booking may do so
  • Must comply with local import / export / quarantine regulations

Carriage in the Cargo Hold

Assistance animals will be carried in the hold if:

  • The animal is too large to be accommodated in the passenger cabin
  • The animal poses a safety hazard or threat to other guests (e.g. snarling, attempting to bite, clawing, unruly behaviour) and cannot be brought under control by its user
  • The guest wishes to transport the animal in the hold
  • The animal is not accompanying a disabled user / partner (e.g. service animal under trainers care) If carried in the hold, the conditions of carriage will be the same as for live animals in the hold (AVIH) except that there is no charge if the assist animal is accompanying a disabled user
Carriage in the Passenger Cabin:

  • The guest must carry a moisture-absorbent mat, appropriate food for the animal and a container for water
  • The animal must be leashed or harnessed to the guest’s seat belt
  • If possible, the animal should be muzzled during the flight
  • The animal is not allowed to occupy a guest seat
  • The user must comply with all local regulations for the departure, transfer point (if any) and destination. This includes (but is not limited to) Customs, Quarantine and Health Regulations, which vary from country to country, Animal / Pet Travel Schemes, e-tagging / micro-chipping, Import / Export formalities, vaccinations, health inspections, certificates, animal passports, tests and treatments and foodstuff import / export regulations if carrying food for the animal
  • The guest should never be seated in a way that the animal would impede access to the aisle or the emergency exit
  • If the assist animals poses a threat to other guests and cannot be brought under control or is a safety hazard or is too large to be accommodated in the guest cabin, the assist animal will be transported free of cost in the cargo hold in a container provided by the guest as per the IATA LAR (Live Animal Regulations)

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